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3D Printed Concrete Home by Sinter Form Designs

Olympia 3D Printed House

1st 3D printed house in Washington State

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Olympia 3DCP is a 1,480 square foot, 1 bedroom/1 Bath home designed to mimic nature. The home will feature Sinter Form Designs innovative 3D Pre-Printed wall system for both interior and exterior walls. Located in Olympia Washington, "Olympia 3DCP", was created based on one word from the client; "Cave".  The client wanted to live in their very own cave, something we understood as a dwelling that fells safe and secure. Looking beyond a standard "cave" (rock walls created from erosion or other natural means), we looked into what nature could interoperate as a cave. This is when we were inspired by the Nautilus, a sea Mollusca that lives within a shell or "Cave". Using the nautilus shell as the base for the design we then began to optimize the form for the site using; weather data, Wind Velocity, Wind Direction, Solar Radiation, and Existing Vegetation. The final design features a 1 bedroom/1 bath private residence with single car garage.

This Project is currently in Construction Documents with goals for construction in the Spring of 2023.

3D Printed Concrete Home by Sinter Form Designs
3D Printed Concrete Home by Sinter Form Designs
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