Himalayan Retreat 2020

Days of Construction

Total Time CNC

Number of Beds/Baths

Square Footage

11 Days

16 Hrs



N.E.S.T. is a tourist resort that combines ecotourism with social tourism in Nepal. The project allows for tourist to stay in an otherwise unpopular area of Nepal with the aim of boosting the local economy. N.E.S.T. is a prototype for a series of resort getaways for tourist. The structure is designed in Grasshopper, a parametric software, to allow for consideration of multiple parameters such as; cost, fabrication, transport, thermal comfort, structural forces, etc. All parts of the structure are digitally fabricated through CNC milling and the custom steel elements were casted locally. The remainder of the construction material was sourced locally; wood, exo-skin, and even the wool was supplied by local Yaks. The First prototype was completed in early 2020