Meet the Robots


CoBod Bod2: Gantry 3D Printer

These are the most common type of 3D printers used today. This style of printer is based off of the common desktop printers at a larger scale. Typically gantries are created with a large rectangular metal frame with no less than 6 motors. Gantry printers are great for factory printing as you only need to set up the machine once and there is very little maintenance when in a controlled environment. However, for large scale projects these are great to use on-site.

Apis Cor: Polar Axis 3D Printer

Polar printers were made custom for large scale concrete 3D printing. These printers have an extremely large radius that can go as far as 5 meters and allows for vertical movement all around a central point. These machines have the ability to move freely around the site and only weigh 1.3 tons which is much lighter than the massive gantry and delta printers. In addition these printers also have a $0 site cost and transportation is as easy as having a truck and flatbed.

Apis Cor Printer.jpg
Robotic Intor.png

Kuka or ABB: Robotic Arm 3D Printer

These have been used in the automotive and manufacturing industry for years and have been gaining popularity with the additive manufacturing industry. A robotic arm is a mechanical robot that has similar functions as a human arm. By simply attaching a 3D printer system to the end effector you can transform the robotic arm into a robotic printer. A giant benefit for robotic arms is that they do not require large metal frames like the gantry or delta printers. In fact most robotic arms will only take up the space of two people standing and can be easily transported with no additional need for site preparation.