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Clay Street 3D Printed House

1st 3D printed house in Florida

Days On Site

Weather Delays

Total Time Printing


Square Footage

3D Printer

9 Days

3 Days

32 Hrs



Cobod Bod2

Sinter Form Designs, in collaboration with a local 3DCP Distributor, constructed the 1st 3D printed home in Florida. The home is located in the lowest income zip code in the state of Florida, in Tallahassee and is apart of a larger affordable housing movement. This 1580 square foot, 3 bedroom and 2 bath home only took 32 hours to print (Exterior and Interior Walls) and six days on-site. Due to site conditions we had to limit the size of the printer. This meant that we had to reduce the size of the house....or did it. Instead of shrinking the house footprint we engineered a method to print the front walls as prefabricated printed parts, in the front bedroom, and move them into place after printing was completed. This was the start of our insight into prefabricated 3DCP. In order to showcase even more of the printers capabilities we endeavored to create a parametrically designed entry wall. What is now referred to as the “wavy wall”, by the client. This small design at the entrance allows us to illustrate that no longer do your walls need to be straight or smooth and your cost does not need to increase due to this design. The “wavy wall” is not just there because we feel they are cool, although we do think that. The wave pattern allows for increased structural strength and thermal comfort. This project was the first of its kind in Florida and we had the unique opportunity to work on it, but more importantly we learned from it and are excited to implement these innovations in all the projects to come.

The home was listed for sale in November 2022 for $250,000, and sold in December of 2022.

3D Printed Home_Clay St (64).jpg
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